Hearts For Kenz

Makenzie's Journey with Congenital Heart Disease


Hello and thank you for visiting! This page is inspired by our beautiful daughter. Makenzie was born with a Congenital Heart Defect called Tetralogy of Fallot (or TOF). CHD's are the number 1 birth defect and the number 1 cause of death by a birth defect. I've created this page to give you more of an understanding of TOF and take you along on our journey as a CHD family.

Our goal for Makenzie is to live a full and happy Life. We don't want her to look back on her life and ask "Why did this happen to me?" We want for her to look back and say "I made a difference in the world, because this happened to me." We want her to embrace what makes her so special and know that she can make a difference. We want her to know that she is not a victim of a CHD, she is a survivor of one.